Lost Chi! Reward if Found!

How are you faring amidst the shakeups in our country, on our planet, and perhaps in your individual life, as well? Living with stress seems to be the norm these days. It has become more important than ever to consciously include habits that release stress, bring balance, and get extra rest when needed.

As someone who was once diagnosed with chronic stress and a resulting autoimmune disorder, adrenal fatigue, digestion issues, and depression, I speak from experience. I actually had an acupuncturist once tell me, "I can't find your chi! I don't know how you are functioning." As a stay-at-home parent of young children, I felt devastated at this news. How was I going to be the mom I strive to be without my chi?! This became a catalyst to really learning about myself and my energy on very deep levels, scientifically and spiritually. Afterall, my fellow parents know, it really takes something to be a conscious parent!

Check out some of the additional effects that chronic stress can have on our bodies. Can you relate to any of these? (Image provided by healthline.com):

As you you can see, stress can have dire consequences on all areas of our well-being.

As I embarked on my healing journey, I needed easy habits that would revitalize and fortify my body, mind, and spirit. Gentle exercise (due to the adrenal fatigue) and exploring my unique food sensitivities have played a role as has my passion for energy medicine and all things spiritual. However, one of the easiest habits I've employed is consistently taking high-quality vitamins. And consistency is key! My functional medicine doctor taught me that stress, in all its forms, depletes the body's anti-oxidant reserves - the very vitamins and building blocks our cells need to be healthy and strong against illness and degenerative diseases while maintaining health and happiness!

I've tried many vitamins from the natural food store over the years, however not all supplementation is created equal. In my research, USANA Cellular Nutrition has continued to be on the leading edge of nutritional science for over 25 years. I am such a believer in the products, the company, and the founder's mission that they are my chosen product partner.

At a baseline, I recommend we take the CellSentials (Body Rox for teens and Usanimal chewables for children), MagneCal D, BiOmega, and our dairy-free probiotic to support gut health. If you are interested in a customized supplement recommendation, feel free to take the True Health Assessment for FREE! (Link may be used again for each member of your family):

True Health Assessment

Or if you would simply like to get yourself and your family started on a basic regimen, click here:


Please feel free to contact me if you have questions and would like more information. It is my joy to help people have more energy in order to live life to it's fullest.

In happiness and health!

~ Nancy Flew

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